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NNV nightstalker V2 multispectral camouflage

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Better protect yourself from near peer opponents and modern passive optical systems such as standalone FLIR and top of the line generation 3 night vision and fusion technology as well as just the regular old fashioned human eyeball, this is a multispectral camouflage solution.


Lightweight and breathable, rollable and stowable (Not unlike a cigarette) the Nick's Night Vision Nightstalker V2 multispectral camouflage solution is the next generation in personal camo technology for the modern warrior.


Enabling you to better evade sophisticated thermal and passive night vision the Nightstalker V2 lets you blend much better into the background thermal scatter or visual background VS traditional Ghillie suits or previous iterations of wearable anti thermal solutions. 


Good fieldcraft will also be required to best utilize the Nightstalker, just as standing in the middle of a field with Ghillie suit will not hide you, the same can absolutely be said for the Nightstalker V2.


These suits are made to order for your exact environmental conditions required and thus you will need to send us ample pictures of your local upon purchase to aid us in that effort. (Please send pics via email to with your order number as well as name) 


We leverage the absolute latest in advanced materials and camouflage techniques and technologies to provide you absolute best survivability on the modern battlefield, we have gone through extensive testing to bring you this superior result.


As this is a built to order and very custom product a lead time of one month is to be expected at the moment. (Will update if this changes)