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Advanced night fighter packages

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Advanced Nightfighter Panobridge package

(Advanced night fighter is everything you need to get you going in one convenient package)

    Advanced night fighter kits come with wilcox G24 in black or tan.

    You get a lancer tactical bump helmet or PTS flux bump helmet or similar with updated pads, dual tube Panobridge configuration in white phosphor or green, G24 type lowering arm in black or tan, night vision retention solution to make sure your nods don't ever come into contact with the ground if your lowering arm were to ever somehow fail or you accidentally release them, helmet/NVG counterweight + pouch.

    Less weight VS a quad tube system, option for nearly DOUBLE field of view VS traditional 40 degree monocular or dual tube night vision goggles currently available, redundancy with the system for enhanced survivability of your NV capability in the field.

    -Situational awareness & speed-

    PB configuration is better for quicker response time & situational awareness VS the majority of the competition, the human eyes pick up movement, it's a fact the Panobridge allows you to see a much bigger picture at once!

    More FoV also has the nice passive benefit of requiring the end user to scan the area less thus drawing less attention to themselves & reducing neck fatigue over time.


    Panobridge has the edge in flexibility and redundancy both vs traditional dual tube NV units.

    Utilizing polymer construction the PB allows some degree of flex in the Panobridge unit under strain and impact conditions giving better survivability to your night vision capability and tubes.

    Panobridge gives you redundancy, you could have one pod completely shot off of your helmet or damaged in explosion or other impact damage and the other pod would likely continue to function.


    Can also lend off one monocular to a friend if a situation requires it, can't do that with most other nv configurations. Ability to fit into a standard cargo pocket.

    ALSO a benefit with the Panobridge, you don't need to buy a whole dual tube system all at once, buy a monocular now, have that awesome NV capability, upgrade later on down the road when funds allow with yet another monocular for one of the coolest dual tube systems available to date.

     All nightfighter kits built to order.

    (Current lead times as of Aug 28th, 2022)

    Elbit green phosphor Panobridge packages (30-60 days.)

    Elbit white phosphor Panobridge packages (15 days.) 

    L3 white phosphor unfilmed packages. (15-25 days.) 

    Tanto Panobridge packages anybtube option. (10+ weeks.)

    Nicks Night Vision 🌙 Accepts all major debit cards. (No paypal accepted, ever.)