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Pvs14 monoculars

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The gold standard, used by Warfighters for years to destroy and disrupt the opposition after the sun goes down. 

Light weight with great utility, these monoculars will greatly increase your capabilities in the dark. 🌙 

Available in Elbit, or L3 offerings to best suit your budget and needs. (L3 unfilmed will offer about 20 to 25% increase in ultra low light performance VS the Elbit thin film) 

Super gain option now available for a brighter L3 view in darker dark conditions. 

Grade A will have less or even no factory spots whereas grade B will have tend to have more spots. A birth mark of the manufacturing process, if it's not specified it will be grade A quality.

**In purchasing from Nicks Night Vision you 100% affirm that you are a US person with no intention of exporting this NV product or otherwise letting it fall into the hands of the enemy and will follow all ITAR regulations**

 20UA and 22UA L3s are currently hard to get ahold of and will take longer to source for your build for your reference.