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NNV Advanced Hellfighter kit

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"Some say the night vision of red lets one see the unseen. Some say ghosts, others say demons, but I think even worse things can be found within the red goggles view, don't gaze too long... or they might gaze back" 

About the device:

:Gen 3 Autogated technology.

:Very smooth focus adjustments.

:Crisp clear view like red apple. 🍎 

:75 degree maximum field of view.

:Optional green view for maximum brightness.  🌞 

:10 year NNV standard warranty included.

Bump helmet, mounting hardware + counterweight with appropriate weight included with order. 

*These goggles may or may not enable you to see demons, ghosts, bigfoot or other manmade horrors beyond your comprehension, definitely probably NOT haunted*

**In purchasing from Nicks Night Vision you 100% affirm that you are a US person with no intention of exporting this NV product or otherwise letting it fall into the hands of the enemy and will follow all ITAR regulations**