NVG damage prevention golden rules

NVG damage prevention golden rules

  1. NVG damage prevention golden rules: 
  • Keep the batteries out of the unit when not in direct standby mode (where you intend to use it at a moments notice.)


  • Use lithium batterys of higher quality, they are less likely to explode within your device.


  • Keep blackout caps on your objective lens, this is a good secondary line of defense for your NVGs valuable gen 3 tube from unintentional damage from light over exposure. 

***Sunlight can damage your night vision even when it's off! Keep blackout caps on when not in use to avoid this very expensive damage.***


  • When strong lights are coming your way it is best to not gaze long with your night vision. 
  • If it looks like lasers are coming your way, try not to let them shine into your device lens, it will likely leave very distracting and annoying line blemishes within your tubes that may or may NOT go away with black boxing. (Also lasers tend to come right before lead or sim rounds so get ready to duck!) 
  • Keep your NVG tethered to your helmet via a cord of some sort, dropping your NVG often does not tend to result in a long working life for your device.
  • Do not use rechargeable batterys in your device unless last resort as most do not have the appropriate voltage.
  • Wrapping your NVG in a few socks or similar can help defend it from sim rounds for training purposes.
  • Polycarbonate lens of some thicckniss can help prevent shattering of your objective lens in force on force training, use them.
  • Don't stare at the sun with your night vision!
  • I can't believe I need to say this but night vision IS really best used at night for the sake of the longterm and short-term longevity of your consumable night vision device. (At the end of the day, tubes are a consumable, the higher the light exposure the shorter the duration of your tubes lifespan.)
  • For reference the majority of gen 3 tubes will operate for 10,000 hours used in a appropriately dark environment before they will give up the ghost on you, used well and sparingly you could even pass these valuable tools on to your grandchildren!